Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mineral makeup info

I get a lot of people who wonder what type of mineral makeup to buy. There are so many brands to choose from. They sell it at the drug stores, online and in fancy salons and boutiques. Some can cost as much as $50 for a jar!! Trying to decied what the diffrences are can be hard. Let me tell you what I know about the diffrences of all these brands....INGREDIENTS!! Mineral makeup can be called mineral makeup if it contains at least one mineral in the ingredients....yikes! So what else can you find in your mineral makeup?

Talc-Found in many other bath and beauty products, studies have found links between talc and lung cancer, skin cancer and ovarian cancer.

Bismuth oxychloride-is used as a filler. A byproduct of lead and other metals. Overexposure can cause cancer. Some people can have an allergic reaction which will cause redness, itching and swelling.

Boron nitride- is reported to show weak fibrigenic activity and cause Lung disease.

I have seen some other ingredients in mineral makeup that I have no clue why they are even Essential oils. Mineral makeup should look good, have no odor, and NEVER expire. EO will cause the minerals to have an expiration date since any moisture in the product will be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Here are some good things to find in your mineral makeup.

*Zinc Oxide USP is known for its calming effect and healing properties in problem skin such as rosacea and acne, its ability to stay on even while sweating and swimming, and offers protection from the sun's harmful UV rays.

*Titanium Dioxide also has waterproof and SPF properties while providing a Matte look.

*Mica has some transparent properties and allows the makeup to go on smoothly.

*Iron Oxides give the makeup its pigment.

*Ultramarine Blue is required in some cool shades of makeup since there is no blue oxide.

*Kaolin Clay comes from the earth and is great for oil absorption. It's a light fluffy powder which also gives the makeup a light feel.

So not only does mineral makeup look great on your skin but it actually helps to protect and heal your skin!! The most important thing is to know what is in the products that you buy.

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