Saturday, October 31, 2009

Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market

This was my first show ever and it was a big hit! I was met some awesome artist! Like Alison from , Christine from , Beth from , and so many more!!

I did learn a few things from my displays, next time I am going to add more height to my table. It was hard to bend down to look at everything. I am going to buy those bed risers that you see at bed bath and beyond.

I made my lip balm trier, I bought 3 plastic plates from target and two plastic bowels, I used super glue to glue the bowel upside down on the bottom plate, than glued the next plate on top of the bowel. So I have a square plate on the bottom, a round plate in the middle and a smaller square plate on the top. I got the small glass cups at the $1 store!

I used a large glass vase that I got at Micheal's and filled it with eye shadows to add some fun color!
Overall My first show was a hit! Up next....the indie garage sale in Utica NY


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Laundry soap

I LOVE to purchase goodies for myself on Etsy. I have been wanting to try the hand made laundry soap, so I purchased a sample from www.livelaughlovesoap It was enough for me to do 5 loads of laundry.

My husband and I both work out and so should I say we do have some smelly laundry!! Sometimes commerical laundry soap still leaves my clothing with a weird smell, like they are still not clean and I have to be careful what brand I get since my husband and my kids have very sensitive skin.

Shipping was fast, I did my first load right away and it came out smelling GREAT! I used two tablespoons like the directions said and it was perfect! I used all my sample up in two days and went back and bought the full size bag! Livelaughlovesoap also carries toothbrushing soap, dishwasher soap, shampoos, body scrubs and lots of other natural products.