Saturday, June 27, 2009

Calling cards-part 1

My cards from Eight sixty

Every business small and large must have a business card. It tells people who you are and where to find you/ reach you. For my Etsy shop I have two kinds of cards, a more traditional one and a handmade card that is a bit more unique and made by me. (Yes, Traditional ones can be unique too!)

My first card is a traditional card, it has my business name, slogan, web address and email, pretty standard. You can add your phone number, blog address, twitter, or just about anything you like. Some people find this type to be the typical card that is easy to carry and easy to file. You can get regular cards just about anywhere, I wanted to support an Etsy seller and bought mine right from She had a bunch of pre-made designs, just give her your info and she sends a proof and makes them up for you. It was worth the wait!

My handmade card are my cards that are made with heart! I love these cards and they are so easy to make! Here is how I do them:

1.) I bought a 2 inch scallop punch on sale at Joanne's for $10. I bought a pad of textured card stock for $10. I know you can get card stock for a cheaper price but I like the textured kind.

2.) I ordered 1.67 inch round labels from . If you ever need any labels at all this is the site to go to! You can get any shape and size. I purchased 1000 for around $22, I also use these labels for my larger makeup jars so they are used for two purposes. When you order from this site you get 1 month free of there design program. You can design your labels, upload images and print them. It's pretty easy!

3.) I punch out till my arm is going to fall off, I print my labels and stick them to my round cut outs here is what I get:

I love these cards! It really does not take long for me to do, I made 250 last night and it took me about 45 minutes. I plan on using these cards to also make some coupons to give to my customers. I always include one with all my orders, I even have some in my wallet to give out to people I meet who have never heard of Etsy or who have shown an interest in my shop. I believe these cards are unique and stand out, show off the handmade nature of Etsy and reflect my business.
Do you make your own cards? Send me an email at send me a picture of your unique cards and tell me a bit about them, Also include your Etsy URL and any other info you would like to include. I will pick a few of my favorites and post them up on my blog next week! Check back!! : )


  1. Your cards are lovely! Thanks for such an informative post :)

  2. your handmade cards are wonderful and clever! :)
    (i also like the traditional cards & your support of another Etsian)

  3. Those are two really cool business cards! I wish I had been more creative with my business card :(

  4. Those are amazing cards! I need to come up with something like that for a label for a wholesale tag -- you've given me lots of ideas.

    (PS - I love the make up I bought from you and tell all my friends!)


  5. Love both of your cards! They're so fresh looking!

  6. wow these are beautiful!

  7. Your cards look great and you have the satisfaction of knowing you did all the work! Very creative!