Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Handmade soap Rocks!!

Chocolate vanilla cold process soap~
My favorite lemon soap!

I have to tell you I never tried handmade soap before Etsy. I thought I would give it a try! I found this great shop And bought her lemon soap.....When I got the box it smelled so good. The next morning I hopped in the shower with my new soap and was transformed to a better place! I do not like mornings but this soap makes me look forward to a shower. It wakes me up and makes me smile! I just went back to her shop and bought a second bar, I was pretty sad when my lemon soap was nothing more than a small sliver and it washed away down the drain. ( you should have seen the look on my face-like someone just took candy away from a kid) I ordered a lemon bar and the vanilla chocolate bar for fun! I have bought soap from a few different soap sellers and so far the lemon is my fav!


  1. Yummy! I've tried a lemon coconut mix before, and it was the most awesome smell!

    I also really like orange with's heavenly!

  2. I will definitely check out the shop! I love handmade soap too and have tried quite a few shops on Etsy, some I will definitely go back to.

  3. LEMON soap! :) hmmm... can almost taste it! Yummy!

  4. eh-hem and yes, handmade soaps DO rock! :) >.< \m/

  5. I just bought some lemon pound cake soap on etsy and cannot wait to get it!! Handmade soap is the best. :)