Saturday, October 31, 2009

Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market

This was my first show ever and it was a big hit! I was met some awesome artist! Like Alison from , Christine from , Beth from , and so many more!!

I did learn a few things from my displays, next time I am going to add more height to my table. It was hard to bend down to look at everything. I am going to buy those bed risers that you see at bed bath and beyond.

I made my lip balm trier, I bought 3 plastic plates from target and two plastic bowels, I used super glue to glue the bowel upside down on the bottom plate, than glued the next plate on top of the bowel. So I have a square plate on the bottom, a round plate in the middle and a smaller square plate on the top. I got the small glass cups at the $1 store!

I used a large glass vase that I got at Micheal's and filled it with eye shadows to add some fun color!
Overall My first show was a hit! Up next....the indie garage sale in Utica NY



  1. Wow Rose, your setup looks really nice. Glad it was a good experience for you. You'll learn something new each time you set up.

  2. It looks very clean, inviting, and professional. Some height will just add to it!

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  4. beautifully set up...i love how clean it looks!