Tuesday, August 25, 2009

***New*** PURE lips- lip balm

So I have been wanting to add some new items to my shop, I tested a few things and after spending lots of cash (having fun too) I got a lip balm formula I liked!!

The first one I tryed had Shea butter, cocoa butter, candellia wax and some oils. It was important to me that I did not use bee's wax so my formula could be vegan, than everyone can enjoy it! It came out so thick, it was too hard to apply to your lips! I use that batch for my feet....yup that's how thick it came out!! Makes a nice lotion bar!! Than I tried another recipe and I liked it.....

After tweaking it a bit I came up with my lip balm. I like how coconut oil gives a slick feel on your lips, just perfect. The sweet almond oil gives it a nice shine! Keeps my lips kissable all day, even my husband loves to use it! I have only listed my Vanilla and my peppermint, but I do have some more flavors in the works! Here is what's on the way:

Lemon Lime


Tea tree

Chi tea



Clover honey


I hope to have most of these listed by next week. I have tubes and tins coming!

Next I am working on colored lip gloss, I have everything down for this I just need my tubes to come in the mail. I did not get the roll on tubes but instead I got the tubes with a stick in them, I think those are more fun. I am going to make these unflavored.
I wonder what other flavors of lip balms I should add....I know what I like but I forget these are all not for me! I love all the minty flavors, vanilla is good too, but I like anything that is out of the norm. Leave me a comment below if you know of any flavors I should try to make! Also right now if you purchase a lip balm with anything else you get free shipping on the lip balm!

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  1. I'm especially looking forward to the clover honey -flavour, it sounds so great~